Plumleys | Wow, what a week…
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Wow, what a week...

Wow, what a week…

Blessed with the weather, again !!!

Plenty of new, fresh stock arriving daily

This weeks plant additions include;

Acers, Buddlejas, Cercis forest pansy, Digitalis, Erysimums, Foxgloves, Garryas, Hostas, Ilex, Jasmines, Kerrias, Lavenders, Mahonias, Nepetas, Osmanthus, Paeonias, Quercus, Rhus, Spireas, Thalictrums, Uncinia Rubras, Vincas, Weigelas, Xciting Yuccas, & Zantadeschias !!!

Fresh delivery of composts & soil improvers

Outdoor living – benches, bistro sets, arches & obelisks

Pots, Pots, Pots – including Apta’s RHS branded favourites

Vegetable plants, herbs, strawberrys and soft fruit

Bedding plants, basket plants and summer colour…
including – Geraniums, Fuschias, Lobelia & Surfinias

Why not drop in and see for yourself !!!

Have a great weekend, from
Andy Yates MD & The Plantation Team